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Frequently Asked Questions


My glass (or decanter, pitcher, vase) has turned white. What can I do to remove these streaks ?

White streaks can result from calcium deposits or from a deterioration of the crystal surface. In the first case, pour in a handful of coarse salt and a half liter of spirit vinegar. Shake vigorously and rinse several times with warm water. In the second case, you can contact a Baccarat boutique, which will offer a repair service.


Can I wash my Baccarat crystal glasses in the dishwasher?

Yes. Set the dishwasher to the delicate cycle, with a maximum temperature of forty degrees. If the temperature is too high, a chemical reaction may occur that will dull the crystal, producing a milky colr. We recommend using gentle care dishwasher tablets, which can also be used while washing by hand. 

Separate and wedge the glasses so as to avoid them knocking together. Space the glasses far enough apart so that they cannot knock against each other.


I have a crystal item and would like to know if it’s a Baccarat and what year it was made. What can I do?

The Baccarat museum and archives has suspended its authentication activities and is by no means entitled to do any valuation.

We advise you to contact the Hôtel Drouot experts at Drouot estimations (+33 1 48 01 91 00), or the inventory department at Christie's (+33 1 40 76 85 54), or Anne Lajoix, expert (+33 1 42 86 90 94), who will also deal with requests via the Internet (


I have a Baccarat crystal item and I would like to know how much it’s worth. What can I do?

Our customer service or one of our boutiques can tell you the current value. If you don’t know the name or reference, you can search for your piece in the website's catalogue or visit one of our points of sale.


I chipped a glass from my Baccarat glassware set. Is it possible to have it repaired?

Yes, Baccarat offers a repair service. For more information, visit a Baccarat retailer. A sales advisor will inform you of the price (or estimate) and the required time.


I received a Baccarat piece that I would like to exchange. How can I do this?

To exchange your item, you can visit a Baccarat boutique with the product and packaging. Both should be intact.

I would like to to place an order online / have a gift delivered abroad, how is it possible ?

Baccarat currently owns four e-commerce websites for France (,Italy (, Germany (, and the United States of America (
It is only possible for you to place an order on any of the websites listed above if, and only if, the delivery address is located on the territory of the online shop’s country. If the shipping address doesn’t match the geographical requirements, your order will be rejected automatically.
As an example, if your current address is in Switzerland, and you wish to have a gift delivered in France, you may order it on The currency for your payment will be Euros, your billing address will be in Switzerland and your shipping address will have to be in France.
If the country your order needs to be shipped to is not one of the four mentioned above, we invite you to contact us by phone at +33 (0)1 40 22 14 14 or by email at You may also find the closest Baccarat shop by browsing our store locator.
You may visit the website of your choice by clicking accordingly on the links below.
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- Germany :
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- United States :



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