Juvisy and Queen Elizabeth II

“For 250 years, Baccarat has been a symbol of elegance and unforgettable moments of celebration.”

During the D-Day commemoration ceremony at the Elysee Presidential Palace in Paris, Britain’s Queen Elisabeth II and French President François Hollande celebrated the 70th anniversary of the allied landing in Normandie by toasting with Baccarat champagne flutes from the Juvisy set.

This set was created for the 1867 Universal Exhibition and was chosen by the French President of the Republic in 1899 for the Elysee Palace. Its rich cut diamond-shaped decoration was completely un-typical at that time, which preferred softly wheel-carved thin crystal glasses. Enhanced with colors and engraved with the “RF” initials, “République Française”, the Juvisy set continues to this day to dress the presidential tables during official receptions.